Have the peace of mind knowing that by taking your dog to our private and regulated dog park, you will know that all of the dogs are fully vaccinated and current customers of our facility.

     Let your dog run in nearly a full acre of plush,irrigated Kentucky Bluegrass. Six foot high fences around the area gives you a peace of mind your pet will stay close.

The pond will help your dog stay cool in the summer while playing.

Our park is open all year round.


  • Operational Facility Hours (7am to 7pm Mon-Sun)

What we need from you:

  • Copy of dogs updated shot records
  • Owners must sign into the park and sign out


  • Daily per family: $2.00+tax
  • Annually per family: $15.00+tax



     Dog Park

Sit and Stay Pet Resort

While you're away, your best friend will play.